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Found by Specialty Coffee

The Start

I can remember my first cup of freshly roasted specialty coffee to this day. It wasn't at a fancy hipster coffee joint or at a friend's over the top coffee espresso maker that took the sale of a kidney to purchase. Nope! It was at home in my small kitchen, with a terrible tea kettle and a plastic V60 pourover that was "free" when I signed up for a trial subscription of Tonx Coffee (acquired by Blue Bottle Coffee). Who remembers Tonx?!

At the time, I knew absolutely nothing about specialty coffee. Coffee to me was more of a "necessity" to jumpstart my day. I am ashamed to admit that my "coffee" was full of overly sugared "creamers" and a splash of stale vacuum packed bricks from the chain grocery store across the street from my house.  

A good friend of mine challenged me to try this bizarre thing calked "specialty coffee" with the promise that it would change my life forever. What a silly proposition! But hey, I'm always game to try new things. He convinced me to sign up for a Tonx subscription so that he can get a free t-shirt. 4 days later a little goodie bag arrived at my door. It's contents were simple: 1- 2oz bag of whole bean  Sandia de Puno and 1 plastic V60 with 4 filters. That's it.

The First Cup

I slowly read the instructions hoping to learn some bright idea to making coffee. Yet the instructions were simple: Boil water, grind the beans, place V60 over a mug, add hot water. I thought "Okay, this seems silly to me. How is this going to change my life. Lame!" So I followed the simple instructions and then the magic happened!

The aroma of the beans as I shredded them to pieces in my crappy blade grinder filled my tiny house. The "bloom" of the coffee grounds when I first splashed them with water. The very first sip. Every second of that experience awakened my soul! No fancy creamers named after holiday seasons, no overly processed sugars. Nothing. Just coffee that was carefully roasted 3 days earlier prepared over hot water through a funnel and into a mug. That date was February 23rd, 2013.

The Joy

As my friend promised, my life has never been the same. It is my aim in life to share this experience with as many people as possible (especially with those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about). Artisan roasted, craft coffee has inspired so many people. From the farmers that spend their lives tending to each coffee plant with the utmost care, to the roasters that spends endless hours roasting coffee to perfection. Even to the person that takes great care in making a cup that will bring joy to your day. All of it matters. Every single step along the way. 

We hope to bring you the very best coffee from the very best people from all over the world. Enjoy our available coffee selection !