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Ethiopia Uraga Hana Asrat Tilhun

Ethiopia Uraga Hana Asrat Tilhun

Highlanders Coffee

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This excellent coffee from Ethiopia comes from the Oromia kilil region of Ethiopia. All farms in the region sit @ 1900 meters or higher and tends to yeild highly sought after Single Origin coffee. Uraga tends to produce expressive coffee that makes for a wild espresso and just about the perfect cup for a pour over.

What we love about this coffee is the intense floral notes of jasmine, Meyer lemon and hints of dried blueberry. The cup shines through and performs exactly like you would expect from a highly rated Ethiopia. 

Each bag of coffee is whole bean and packaged in 12 oz.

* All coffees are sourced from farmers that dedicate their lives to growing coffee. It matters to us that these farmers get paid well for their craft.