Mexico Marsellesa Doña Eva

Mexico Marsellesa Doña Eva

Highlanders Coffee

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This is Highlanders Coffee's first Single Origin offering from Mexico! We fell in love with this coffee and wanted to share it with you. This coffee is a red honey processed coffee with exquisite apple and red berries qualities, with a candied walnut finish.

Doña Eva's small farm is located in the Ixhuatlan area of Veracruz, Mexico. She is a phenomenal coffee grower and we wish to see more of her coffee in the coming years. This lot is limited in qty and will be gone soon. We hope you enjoy her coffee as much as we do!

Each bag of coffee is whole bean and packaged in 12 oz.

* All coffees are sourced from farmers that dedicate their lives to growing coffee. It matters to us that these farmers get paid well for their craft.