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Sonny Blend

Sonny Blend

Highlanders Coffee

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Blend Story

Our signature Sonny blend is named after Charles N. Gordon ("Sonny" to those that knew him). He was the epitome of a husband, father, grandfather, architect and friend. He was loved by everyone and his aim was to bring joy to all. You see, we couldn't think of a better name to represent a coffee we hope is loved by everyone. 

Blend Profile

Artisan coffee isn't just for single origin coffee lovers. This catch-all coffee is made up of carefully selected coffee to achieve a versatile blend to meet everyone's preferred method of brewing. It is great for espresso, drip, pour over, aeropress and french press. 

This blend is developed by cupping a flavor profile that we love and then tasting coffee from around the world to find a standout blend. Coffee will be substituted in year around to maintain the freshness. Each coffee is cupped to a standard of 86 or higher. Furthermore, we will always maintain our standard of purchasing coffee from farmers that are paid higher premiums on the crops. For visibility, our current blend is made up of 3 distinct coffees:

  • Peru Cajamarca Carmen Abad Jaramillo (Highlanders Cupping Score = 88.5)
  • Peru Cajamarca Duber Herrera Neyra (Highlanders Cupping Score = 87)
  • Colombia Nariño Cartago (Highlanders Cupping Score = 86)

Each bag of coffee is whole bean and packaged in 12 oz.

* All coffees are sourced from farmers that dedicate their lives to growing coffee. It matters to us that these farmers get paid well for their craft.